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  • Archiving
  • Automation
  • Cluster Computing
  • Collaboration
  • Computer Learning
  • Data Accessibility
  • Database Applications
  • Database Architecture
    • Standards Conformance
  • DBMS Independence
    • SQL Translation
    • Schema Translation
  • Distributed Processing
  • Grid Computing
  • Interoperability
  • License Management
  • Object Management
  • Peer to Peer
  • Process Management
  • Security
    • STJC
    • DbCryptor™
  • Super Computing

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>> Please read more on the outline of the overall architecture and benefits of this system. <<


The BigSur System

The BigSur System addresses the needs of those who use computers to perform any form of research or scientific endeavour. BigSur manages the meta-data which describes your work, provides automation, and has robust features which support collaborative efforts. BigSur was designed from the beginning to be fully distributed, so nomatter where you may wish to perform your work, BigSur is ready to help you do it.

Our BigSur System is the inheritor of the intellectual capital of interdisciplinary global-change research dating from the 1992 Sequoia 2000 Project, and subsequent 1995 BigSur Project at the University of California, Berkeley, and includes the insights of Turing Award winner Jim Gray, and world renown Professor Michael Stonebraker, among other great minds. Add to the mix the transition from University prototype to real-world product at the hands of a 20+ year veteran of the computer industry (our own Richard Troy) working in close concert with a major U.S. research center (LaRC), and you have a very capable product...Would you like additional information?

The Science-Tools Database - STDB

STDB is the central component of our products, and is required. STDB provides the framework for all of the features and benefits of The BigSur System. STDB is implemented as a relational database schema and may be installed in any modern RDBMS (see additional information). Extra capabilities are added to this core schema through use of our extensions, including GeoDb for Geographic applications and MedDb for medical applications, and we have several new ones in development. We can write one for your unique needs, or you can add one yourself, if you wish... Would you like some additional information?

The Distributed Processing System Model

Our Distributed Processing Model utilizes a Science-Tools Database (STDB) as the means by which processing is scheduled, coordinated, and controlled. Entries in a process-queue table serve as notification points to daemons, or "Engines," which are looking for work to be performed. When an engine finds work to be done, it withdraws sufficient information from the database...Would you like additional information?

The Java Application Programming Interface

Our Java API is a sophisticated, easy to use interface to the BigSur system, so don't be intimidated by the numbers.

Our Java API has grown since product inception to its present size. In 2002 it reached fourteen thousand, and by summer of 2003 has reached 37,625 lines of Java, including over 900 public methods.

The Multi-Dimension Array (MDA)

The Multiple-Dimension Array facility is useful for mapping any type of objects dimensions for subsetting and joining purposes. Would you like additional information?

The Archivist

In light of the events of September 11th, we have decided to publicly offer our in-house technology which could benefit our nation's businesses in preparations for a disaster. We have re-worked various features of our archive product to de-couple it from our BigSur System. Our was developed especially for distributed environments for customers with multiple locations. And it was especially designed to help you manage duplicate copies, so that if a file exists in many locations, these many locations are recorded, but the file contents are archived only using as many archive copies as you have configured. ...Would you like additional information?

The Archivist enables you to...archive your entire environment.


DbCryptor™ connects users to databases in a secure manner over untrusted networks. Database connection needs are met through an encrypted communications channel created on-the-fly from the client machine, through firewalls as necessary, to the target machine where a database management system provides data management services. Would you like additional information?

The Publisher

The Publisher™ provides connectivity between installations of the BigSur System™. It's oriented toward the movement of data and meta-data between BigSur database instances. We will also create one-off versions, upon request, to incorporate non-BigSur targets. Would you like additional information?

The Science Tools Java Connection (STJC™) security package

STJC was created because of customer demand; Security has become a key concern of customers regarding enterprise systems today. Our response was to integrate fully the principals of multiple-authentication throughout our whole product suite, to secure database connection information and the installation's configuration information so that it's available only to running, authorized programs, and to provide for named-resource keying. Would you like additional information?



ScienceMaster™ provides system-management functionality for The BigSur System™ in a Graphical User Interface form. Would you like additional information?


In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for additional information on these specific products!

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