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STJC - The Science Tools Java Connection


The Science Tools Java Connection answers three distinct needs.


1) secure the system running environment, including Sun's Java JVM (TM Sun Microsystems)
protect connection information for databases they talk to
3) provide for licensing requirements

STJC was created because of customer demand; Security has become a key concerns of customers regarding enterprise systems today. Our response was to integrate fully the principals of multiple-authentication throughout our whole product suite, to secure database connection information and the installation's configuration information so that it's available only to running, authorized programs, and to provide for named-resource keying.


The STJC - Improved Security for Java. STJC provides a number of features:

  • Improves confidence that application programs aren’t spoofed
  • Named Database Connection
    • Provides for use of sensitive database information without disclosure.
  • License Management
    • Provides license management at the application level.
    • Provides named-resource protection.

Java Security - on the local system

  • ‘Limited’ implementation by Sun Microsystems network security vs. local security
    • Meets intent of “B-1” certification security level
    • Java Security - protecting database information
  • Database security and protection - Hide it … yet use it!
    • ODBC/JDBC compatible.

STJC - License Management

  • Clients may create their own license-protected resources
  • Named-Resource Protection
    • Options for limiting scope
    • Options for limiting numbers of users
    • Without any extra tools
  • License Management
    • Public-domain encryption
    • License key generation
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