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The Multi-Dimension Array extension

The Multiple-Dimension Array facility is useful for mapping any type of objects dimensions for subsetting and joining purposes.

Nearly any scientific data object can be thought of as an array of one or more dimensions. These dimensions can be expressed through a simple syntax, based primarily upon the organization of the data within an object. A single object containing several dimensions may be described in many different ways, for example, combining two or more axies into a single array cell value. Therefore MDA permits the expression of multiple descriptions over a single object simultaneously.

Once described, an array may be "sub-setted", or extracted from, for any of a large number of purposes. Our MDA facility provides a means by which multiple-dimension object may be "joined", in that parent arrays are "walked", and a child array is created. The child array's contents may be set to the result of a multi-variate point operation performed on all parent arrays.

At the present time this product is only supported on Informix RDBMS environments.

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