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DbCryptor™ connects users to databases in a secure manner over untrusted networks. Database connection needs are met through an encrypted communications channel created on-the-fly from the client machine, through firewalls as necessary, to the target machine where a database management system provides data management services.

Applications: DbCryptor™ was written to provide secure connection services between database client applications and database management systems. The technology may also be adapted to other applications which require secure transport between components that communicate using the TCP/IP port mechanism. Such applications are wide-spread and include uses such as video conferencing.

DbCryptor™ utilizes SSH as the underlying transport mechanism. SSH is a well-known, thoroughly tested and debugged encrypting tool-set. Whenever a flaw in SSH is discovered, fixes are promptly developed and deployed by the providers of SSH (such as Because DbCryptor™ utilizes this same technology, simply upgrading SSH will ensure that DbCryptor is keeping your communications secure.

In addition to using SSH, DbCryptor™ uses technology developed by Science Tools to provide flexible connectivity capabilities on the target end, permitting desired piercing through firewalls and gateways, and providing further re-direction of a secure connection to any destination within a private network. Note that DbCryptor™ must be installed on the client's machine and on a target node where the encrypted channel ends. The target node does not have to be the final destination for the database connection, though encryption will end at that point in the network connection.

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