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Richard Troy

Chief Scientist, Founder, Acting President, Science Tools corporation.
Co-Investigator - Ocean ESIP,
Founder & President, The Karmann Ghia Club of North America

Richard's passions for computers began in 1978 with a Commodore Pet 32k b personal computer while he was a sophomore in high school. Two years later, in 1980 he was a sophomore at Tulane University, and that year began working in the computer industry. By '83 he had architected and then written a complete real-time multi-tasking operating system for the TANO Outpost for use in the ship, pipeline and refinery industries, thus earning the moniker RT. (Written in 6809 assembler, it was hand-optimized.) In 1984, he joined Digital Equipment Corporation in Santa Clara, CA, where he became that offices key VMS Internals specialist. Having supported many of Digital's largest Silicon Valley customers, he helped design and was the VMS person among the team of 4 which founded a new service business for Digital, Decsupport, which at one point in time represented fully one quarter of DEC's total income.
Richard Troy - Chief Scientist - Science Tools Corporation

Looking for a new venue, in 1989 Richard joined the leader in database technology, Relational Technology Inc., later known as Ingres Corp., as their in-house VMS expert. Richard immediately recognized a new opportunity and founded a new service-support business which survived until Computer Associates bought the company in '94. Along the way he also invented a new fault-tolerant database system but was unable to bring it to market before the CA buyout. Richard then became a consultant to the DBMS market, and in 1995 Mike Stonebraker invited him to take on the technical lead role for the NASA Earth Observing System/Distributed Information System Alternative Architecture project known as BigSur.

Once he understood the implications of the project for the future health of the planet, Richard was sold on the idea, and took it on. His team architected and implemented the BigSur paradigm for performing Earth Science, and was responsible for a number of notable papers helping lead the way in distributed database, distributed processing and hierarchical storage management technologies. His research has been oriented toward using computers to help researchers in other scientific disciplines perform better science. This has led to new research grants and collaborations, such as his role as co-investigator on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory-led OceanESIP project.

Michael Stonebraker

Chairman, Technology Council, Science Tools Corporation

Senior Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, U.C. Berkeley - retired 2000
Founder, Illustra Corporation (bought by Informix, and more recently IBM Corp)
Founder, Cohera Corporation
General Chairman and other substantive positions of SIGMOD 1982 to present
Member of Technical Advisory Committee for Citicorp, DB Software, and Bull
A more thorough biography (appears to have moved)

Dr. Stonebraker has been Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California at Berkeley, where he joined the faculty in 1971 and retired in 2000. He is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost experts in database technology and is noted for his insight in operating systems and expert systems. He is well known for his research on relational and object-relational database systems and for the several companies he founded to commercialize the results. These include Ingres, Illustra (based on Postgres), and most recently, Cohera.

Dr. Stonebraker received a Bachelor of Science degree from Princeton University and Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Michigan. Dr. Stonebraker has held visiting professorships at the Pontifico Universitade Catholique (PUC), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the University of California, Santa Cruz; and the University of Grenoble, France.

Dr. Stonebraker is presently enjoying his recent retirement from UC Berkeley on the east cost and serves as a Senior Lecturer for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Michael Stonebraker - Chairman, Technology Council - Science Tools Corporation

Angus MacDonald

Scientist, Member of Technology Council, Science Tools Corporation
President, Carlvine Corporation, Bryan TX
Inventor at Large


Hailing from Emsworth, Hampshire, England, somewhere near Portsmouth, Dr. Angus MacDonald earned a Bachelor of Science, Physics, from the University of Southampton, England. Dr. MacDonald crossed the pond and earned a Masters in Physics, and then a doctorate in Engineering Physics at the University of Virginia, in 1969. He then became a Research Scientist, at Allied Chemical Corp., Morristown NJ, growing laser crystals.

In 1974, Angus bought a 32' ketch and sailed to San Francisco. Venturing into chemical hardening optics, he earned a patent for an innovation in the manufacture of eyeglasses. His inventive side brought him to design and build the equipment for the bond trading room for Bank of America, and he went on to both run and maintain it. This led to the creation of The Angus System, Inc., which built bond trading rooms for major banks on the Pacific coast.

Since then he's become involved with various ventures and enjoys all things creative and putting his knowledge to good use. Dr. MacDonald presently resides beside the estuary in Alameda, not far from the former site of Ingres Corporation.

Angus MacDonald - Vice President - Science Tools Corporation

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