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Purpose: ScienceMaster™ provides system-management functionality for The BigSur System™ in a Graphical User Interface form.

ScienceMaster™ also provides a solid code-line filled with very capable features which we can use to create your custom application, quickly, and with high quality.

Applications: Science Master™ is a full-strength management tool for The BigSur System™ intended for operations staff. As such, it is a bit strong and quite general purpose, so its not intended to replace your custom applications which serve the unique needs of your particular users. (As stated above, the ScienceMaster™ code-line can become the foundation of your BigSur based application, or, you can use our Java API.)

Architecture: ScienceMaster™ is an application written in Java, using our own Java API, so it runs nearly everywhere and connects to every BigSur installation. It's launched by STJC for security purposes and may take advantage of DbCryptor™, for secure database connectivity.

Some ScienceMaster features:

  • A beautiful GUI - great for those who aren't comfortable with a command-line-interface.
  • ScienceMaster™ runs everywhere, against any BigSur Server.
  • Includes over 54 frames, managing nearly everything The BigSur System™ is capable of! Major categories include:
  • Infrastructure: Organizations, sites, people, computers, etc.
  • Processes: Process definitions, input parameters, output results, source code, etc.
  • Objects: Objects: Object sets, individual objects, object data, object meta-data, visualization of object data, etc.
  • Relationships: Object to Object, Object to Process, Process to Process, etc.
  • Databases: Database access, access logs and journaling, create and authorize named connections, etc.
  • Security: Individuals, Objects, network, database, etc.
  • Full Distributed Processing System (DPS) control including
    • Remote control of Daemons
    • Time-line views of DPS Processes
    • Monitoring of individual Processes in real-time
  • Message-of-the-day provides the operations staff with a link to users.
  • Permits remote management of any BigSur installation.
  • Each frame (window) clearly identifies Client user and client computer, as well as either connected server database and system, or just database connection name, depending on privileges.
  • Customizable date format and other user preferences - managed per BigSur Installation, not per client.

ScienceMaster™ Login Screen
ScienceMaster™ Daemons Screen
ScienceMaster™ Timeline Screen


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