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The Angus Award, named after Science Tools co-founder Angus MacDonald, was inspired by news reports of discussions in the Scientific Community following this years Nobel Prize awards. Throughout the world there are individuals who have dedicated their life's work to Science and they are rarely recognized for their contributions.

In offering these awards, Science Tools aims to help put a spot-light on these individuals and their contributions.

Who it is presented to and how they are nominated
The scientist or researcher does not have to be a graduate of higher education, but rather just someone that believes in the work they are doing. Key attributes of those who are selected to receive The Angus Award are that they be an active participant in some aspect of science, that they are quality oriented in their work, and that they find joy in contributing to the scientific endeavor.

If you know of a scientist or researcher that you believe deserves recognition for their work we would like to hear from you.

Please take a moment to nominate them!

  • Find out who the current holder of the Angus Award is
  • Submit your nomination for a Scientist/Researcher to be awarded the honored Angus Award


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